Cheap Web Hosting

Cheap Web Hosting providers on the internet

Finding cheap or free web hosting is an important and critical task. As all websites need a web host so a web hosting plan gives you easy access to a web server so that you can store your web files and share the data with the world that you want. Cheap web hosting is now been the demand of many companies and businesses because with the advancement in technology now people don’t have much time to go to stores or shops to buy the products. This has urged most businesses to adjust according to the trend and expose their business by using online mode to a large extent. Today many web hosting sites are offering different plans that vary from time to time and are according to the buying choices of the customers who want to buy web hosting.

Cheap webhosting service allows you to setup your email account. It also gives you a webmail interface so that you can login and manage your web browser. There is also SMTP access so that you can setup and access your domain. The usual shared hosting plan offers many features like one email account, unlimited storage and 100GB of bandwidth. When your site grows using the Cheap webhosting plan than you will find other forms of hosting as well like VPS hosting and cloud hosting.

There are many web hosting companies which provide cheap web hosting service. Some of them are following

  1. Host Inger
  2. Blue host
  3. iPage
  4. Hostgator
  5. A2 hosting
  6. Site Ground
  7. Host winds
  8. Name cheap
  9. Green Geeks
  10. Go Daddy

Hostinger is the cheapest web hosting providing companies in the market. It is a general fact that when you buy anything at a cheap rate you will not get the superior or good service but host Inger is altogether opposite in this regard. It provides high uptime, fast server and always available common support.

The cheapest shared hosting plan on it will cost you only $0.99 per month that makes it the cheapest in the market.

Features of Cheap Web hosting

The cheap website hosting plan is equipped with the essential features of building a website

It includes a free domain name or domain at very cheap rates.

It also allows you to get a free website builder for your site in the initial phase.

Offers cheap server hosting.

More features in small price.

Installing of WordPress and many other platforms for blogging with only one-click.

Cheap Webhosting plan also has the security feature to make sure that your server and site remain secure.

There is enough storage space and bandwidth which can support any small website.

Things to understand before availing Cheap web hosting

The best webhost is that which suits your plan and which can fulfill your need

Support and uptime service is very important. You should choose cheap webhosting with free, reliable support and email service. There is currently no host which offers a 100% uptime. There are many issues which are beyond their control

It does not mean that if you are using cheap webhost, it is low quality. The fact is that today many websites on internet using a shared hosting plan. Shared webhosting plans reduce the cost because in this way you only pay for the server facilities you are using.

Evan Cheap webhosting gives many options and features like performance, security and the financially supported plans.

Cheap webhosting is very critical and technical factor because when you avail cheap webhosting than it can allows you to upgrade it to the more unique and powerful hosting plan.

If you’re looking for a free web hosting provider, then you should not worry for the price of the basic features that particular company providing to you. There are many additional features you can avail.

Cheap web hosting Target Market

Cheap web hosting is usually best for the Bloggers, Low traffic websites, Small business owners, simple site builders and side projects.

Bloggers mostly have lower traffic and simpler site needs, at least in the beginning so there is a need of cheap webhosting for them.

As I have discussed it earlier the importance of online medium in the growth of businesses now most small businesses also require a pretty simple site that’ll rank for local terms and give them a local online exposure to the market and presence.

Many sites with low traffic or having only a few pages will require cheap webhosting from a host.

There is always some degree of risk involve in the beginning of a new thing or any business so if you concern that your new project will be a success? You should start with a cheap hosting plan.

There are many webhosting sites which offer different plans that vary from time to time and they are according to the buying choices of the customers who want to buy webhosting. There are basically three important components of any website,

  1. Domain Name
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Content

Web Hosting Discounts

There are many discounts which are offered by the cheap webhosting companies. The list of discounts varies from company to company. Cheap webhosting companies offer promo codes and discounts so that you can get webhosting at cheap and affordable price. The companies can add or update their own promotions, policies without any extra charge. Evan a large number of coupons are added by the visitors.

Although there is a great competition in the webhosting market similar to the other fields but there are only some webhosting provider who provide quality features to the customers. Some features are as follow

Bandwidth and Disk space: Disk space refers to the storage space amount the webhosting companies offer to you. This space is used to store your website data that may be some kind of text, images, audios and files. On the other hand band width is the amount of traffic that will access to your website depending upon the strength of your product or service. Access means every time a visitor type in your website address in the browser. There is one another thing which is Leave. It means after accessing to website the visitor opens and views any image, listens any audio or download anything.

Comparison of Companies

When you compare the companies like 1&1, Go Daddy and Copa host than there are certain aspects you have to compare. These features have impact on the decision making of customers when they want to buy cheap webhosting.

The following graph can elaborate the comparison,

1&1 company is in Blue color

Go Daddy Company is in Red color

Copa host Company is in Green color

It shows that the 1&1 company provides more features in cheap price as compared to the other two companies

Copa host

This Company offers three packagers which are Economy Value and Professional hosting. The economy package is different in the other two packages in the domain providing service. It offers only 1 domain while the other two offer unlimited domains. There is a 24/7 support service available in all these packages.

Go Daddy:

This Company offers many packages like Economy Deluxe Ultimate and Maximum. These packages have the price that ranges from $2 to $12.3 per month. There is also 24/7 service available in these packages. Storage space and sub domains are also offered.

1&1 company;

the basic thing to look is the flexibility. It includes the concept and services of easy domain, email and protection against data loss. It offers few packages like Essential Business and Expert. The expert package has the price of $14 per month. There is also the option of cancellation at any time. The Essential package includes the price of $4 per month. This package is best for the 1 website purpose. It offers free domain for 1 year also.


Choosing the cheap web hosting plan can be a very technical task because it requires the complete knowledge and information about domain websites. Team experts also important sources which help you in many aspects. The previous client’s recommendations and reviews are also very decisive factors for any Web hosting.