What are 10000 Chinese troops doing in India?

Chinese troops

We all know the current situation that has caused tension between Chinese troops and Indian troops. In June 2017, Indian soldiers in Sikkim forcefully stopped the construction of the Chinese road by surprising Chinese troops. Chinese crew was extending the road in the disputed region. Almost 100s of soldiers from both sides stood their face to face and it continued for 2 months. So, It ended when the Chinese government and Indian government reached a mutual understanding to vacant the area.

China and India map

This time Chinese troops surprised Indian troops. Chinese troops moved near the border. The Indian government thought that it as a routine summer march. On May 5, round about 5000 Chinese troops crossed the Indian border and entered into the Indian Territory. Chineses troops infiltrated the Indian region and Indian troops didn’t expect that from them. Chinese troops crossed into the Galwan River Valley. There was a second intrusion and that was into the Pangong lake sector. This intrusion took place on May 12. These were not the only two intrusions; Chinese troops also infiltrated and made small intrusions near Naku La in north Sikkim and in the Southern part of Ladakh.

According to the Indian army assessment, there are round about 10,000 Chinese troops in Indian territory. The dialogue window is close. The Chinese Government is not responding to the calls from the Indian Government.

Chinese troops have infiltrated 3 to 4 km further in the territory that the Chinese claimed to be borderline. It is a worrying situation for India. This breach has happened in Galwan Valley. Chinese personnel is preparing them for defense against any possible Indian aggression.

Chinese Website

A Chinese website that has some links with the Chinese defense sources has claimed that Galwan River is part of China’s territory. In 1956, China claimed the Galwan River to be part of China. So, This claim was followed by an official statement in 1960, and after that this claim transformed into a military war in 1962.

In 1960, Zhou Enlai the Chinese premier at that time led a delegation for the talks to the New Delhi, and there China marked a border that claimed additional 5180 sq. km of Indian Territory. This claimed territory was a part of Ladakh.


During 1962 war, Chinese army took control of the Galwan Valley and they took it by killing around 36 Indian soldiers. When the war ended, China’s claim increased further and they asked for further 2000 sq. km of Ladakh Area.

Four days after the intrusion that took place in the Galwan sector, on May 9, the Chinese army intruded in the Naku La sector that is across the Tibet border. So, This intrusion was done by some 200 Chinese troops and later they withdrawn to their territory.

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 Third intrusion was an important one and it took place between May 12 and 13. Thousands of Chinese army men intruded into the Pangong Lake and took control of the disputed territory between finger 8 and finger 4.

By the end of May 18, Chinese troops took over the Finger Heights.

This is the first time that the Chinese flag is flying high in the region over the hill overlooking the entire lake. India’s so called Dhan singh post is the last standing post in that region. All other posts have finished from that region.

Indian army was very slow to react due to which Chinese army took control of the area leaving just one post to India in that area. There have been no attempts to counter the Chinese aggression from Indian side.

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