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Running an eCommerce website is not always easy. There are sales to make, orders to fill, and payments to receive. It is not only the way of shopping that has changed due to the evolving web trends but how people make the comparison of the things and make a decision to buy or not, has also changed a lot. As the demand for online shopping is rapidly fueling, several e-commerce stores are offering services to the people. The most difficult task to get more customers in the e-commerce store. Here are a few tips to attract new customers

Have an eye-catching store

Have you ever walked into a disordered store, smells, and has a very unpleasant atmosphere? Undoubtedly, your e-commerce store is the representation of your business. So, create a good and attractive site. A good, clean, and the properly organized store will attract the visitors to click further, view products, and make a purchase, an unorganized store with average looks will make them click away from your store. Create a modern and professional store to attract new customers.

Earmark Your Space On a Web

What can be better than the feeling found on registered online maps and shipping services? Get your business registered with local listing services like Google Maps, Yahoo! Local, and Bing to be ensured to be found in a suitable search engine’s results. It broadens your scope and globalizes your business identity. It helps in get more customers.

Build Reputation

Without any doubt, reputation is the most important thing, especially in this era of competition where customers check their reputation without making any purchase, if not before visiting the website. So, aim at building trust for your customers from day one and get feedback from them. It will help you build a strong reputation. Build a Strong reputation in the market is the best way to get more customers.

SEO your Brand

A search engine’s understanding of your brand can affect its rank. A study shows that 57% receive the biggest impact on their generations through SEO activities. Chose low competition keywords and use meta tags inbound and outbound links help create traffic of the website and attract new customers

Social Media Activity

Social Media is the best platform it allows to advertise your brand free. The key to success in social media is providing fabulous content. You have to be interesting and outstanding so that people will want to follow you. If you manage to do so, you will have a great marketing channel at no financial expense. So what actually should you do to attract new customers using social media strategy?

  • Post regularly – at least 1 post daily, so customers can’t forget about your brand.
  • engage your users: ask them questions, reply to their comments, try to catch their attention
  • choose the best channels for your business, but always focus on Facebook and Pinterest, because those drive the most traffic to online stores (FB: 55%; Pinterest: 25%)
  • use graphics – posts with images usually get 50% more engagement than others

Hold a Sale

Discounting is not a long-term strategy, but it can effectively drive new customers to your store. First, find out your customer purchase cost and from that, how much of a discount (on a limited amount of quantity/product) you can afford to offer to acquire attract new customers. Then announce to the social media. 

Partner Up

Partnering with a non-competitive but audience-complementary partner can be a highly effective way to attract new customers. It can be something as simple as a traffic exchange – partnering with a highly-trafficked site in your customer’s domain. If your website banner displays on other websites, it helps o get more traffic and customers. 

Offer a New Product / Service

A best and most effective way to offer new product and service it helps in attract new customers. Change product color, packing, reposition, or even you can reprice the existing product.  

Give Free Samples

Give a free sample helps in get more customers. The more you can lower the limit for a customer to experience your products, the better. It might not make economic sense depending on your product, but it’s worth trying if the cost to offer a free sample is low.

Write Targeted Blog Content

For your eCommerce store, you can’t speak on your own. That’s why the content of your store speak to the world on your behalf. If you create an appealing story to understand your products to your visitors, there is a greater chance of a conversion. When your content is creative enough to build a connection between your brand and customers, you can market it and grab the attention of businesses and customers.

Write interesting content on your eCommerce website. It helps to get more customers and also increase the contextual domain to pay huge dividends over the long term. Targeted content will help boost your site’s SEO bringing in new customers organically. Every online shop should have blog content as part of its marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

It is both a cheap and effective solution to attract new customers. According to the survey has demonstrated that 54% of people have a more positive attitude towards companies that send them e-mails. What is more, 71% of respondents stated that when shopping, they always remember e-mails that a company send to them. These results confirm the importance of e-mail marketing.

Contact with Old Customers

After 2 or 3 weeks after the last order complete, you can email to your old customer to make them regular customers. Ask about products and requests for feedback on your website and social media. It helps in attracting new customers.

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 Start a Referral Program

Starting a referral program is an easy way to use existing customers and drive traffic to your eCommerce site. For example, TheShoppies offers users the chance to invite friends to sign up in exchange for Customized Mug free.

The best and most valuable method of customer purchase is when existing customers refer a friend. When this method works well, all the marketing is done by your existing customers, meaning you can focus on running your online store instead of spending time bringing people to it. It is the most effective and low budget trick to get more customers.


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