Apple's new iPhone 12

Apple’s new iPhone 12 may not include charger and ear-pods

New York: We all know that Apple’s new iPhone 12 is rolling out. It is very likely that iPhone 12 series may not include charger and earphones.

Company roles out its updates about new models every September. But the possibilities are that iPhone 12 will come with out wired headphones or a power adapter in an attempt to manage the price of the upgraded model.

4 different models of iPhone 12

Apple most likely is going to role out four different models of iPhone 12 this year. Its first version will work on the next generation technology of ultra fast wireless network that is known as 5G.

Apple’s new iPhone 12.

Currently the company roles out lightning connector with ear pods.  The apple’s iPhone 11 roles out with a 5W USB Power charger and a Lightning to USB Cable. The 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max come with a USB-C to Lightning Cable and 18W USB-C Power charger.

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The news is out that apple plans to role out 20W charger that is going to be smaller than the current charger that the company provides with the iPhone. It will role out with USB-C power delivery for fast charging. Apple is going to close the production of its famous  5W and 18W power chargers this year.

The company believes that the 5G technology induction in iPhone 12 will significantly increase the cost for the production. Therefore they plan to reduce the accessories provided with the new handsets. Because the burden of the production of 5G empowers iPhone 12 will eventually come to the customers.

Apple's new iPhone 12 may not include charger and ear-pods

Apple’s new iPhone 12

Therefore the reduction of the two accessories is planned to tackle the increase in the price of 5G iPhone. This is all being planned to bring the prices close to that of iPhone 11 series.

The decision to remove the wired headphones is also the possibility that iPhone want its customers to buy wireless ear-pods. These ear-pods are available in the market for a starting price of 159$.