PUBG Banned In Pakistan

PUBG Banned; Waqar Zaka To Rescue Gaming Community

PUBG has been banned in Pakistan till 9th July. Waqar Zaka who is a famous Pakistani celebrity has come forward to rescue the gaming community. Waqar is known for his block buster show “Living on the edge”. He has earned a huge respect all over the Pakistan by his supportive deeds. He is always standing with the legit issue that our country is facing. PUBG banned in Pakistan has been taken as surprise. It clearly shows the unprofessional-ism of the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority).

It is the duty of PTA to known the potential of the gaming community. All the streamers and you tubers spoke openly about the ban and we do support these gestures by the gaming community. But no one came forward to take this issue to the court. This time Waqar Zaka as always stepped forward and decided to took this matter into the court. It is important to note that Waqar is neither a gamer nor streamer. He just came forward to support the gaming community as he knows the potential that the E sports has.

Waqar goes to the court:

Yesterday on 4th July Waqar went to the court and filed a case against the ban. Waqar believes that this ban will prevent the youth from excelling in the E sports community. E sports has all the potential to become a major booster to the economy of Pakistan. Waqar insisted the Lahore gaming community to go to the court and show them the proofs that this gaming community is actually generating revenue.

Waqar point of view about gaming:

Waqar is well aware of the reality that the E sports gaming is real deal in the future. “These are the same people who don’t want our children to become famous around the world, who don’t want our country to generate revenue online, who want to send out a message to the e-sports providers around the world to prevent them from setting up their business here – reason why YouTube never did. These people will not allow us to evolve, a digital revolution needs to be brought,” stressed Zaka.

Waqar and gaming community on Live stream

Yesterday waqar hosted live session on his youtube channel and invited all the gaming community and the streamers to come and talk live. Prominent you tubers came and joined the live session. Ducky bhai, Star anonymous, Ahmad Gaming and Mr Jay Plays joined Waqar Zaka.

Thank You Waqar Zaka From All The Gamer:

In the end all the gaming community thanks Waqar Zaka for standing up in support of E Sports.

PUBG Banned in Pakistan.