Myths About the Nursing Profession in Pakistan

Myths About the Nursing Profession in Pakistan

Nursing is one of the oldest and most well –known professions, but public knowledge of this growing field still holds some misunderstandings. There is dire need to end these traditional myths by highlighting them in the general public as well as at social media which is today’s most powerful source of revolution. Myths About the Nursing Profession in Pakistan.

Some of the following misinterpretation about the nursing profession are the following:

Nurses are not sisters:

First, the most important misapprehension surrounding the nursing profession is that people even the educated one label a professional nurse by the word sister that is absolutely wrong and unprofessional. A glance at the history of that profession proves that today’s nurse is no more someone’s sister according to professional ethics. Nursing started in medieval times when hospitals were run by catholic churches. To take care of patients; catholic nuns were staffed as nurses. So being nuns there were called sisters, but in the 19th-century nursing hailed as a profession by Florence nightingale, the well-educated daughter of a British royal family.

She was not a nun but the first professional nurse who omitted that word sister for a nurse not only in Europe but all over the world. But Asian countries especially Pakistan and India is still suffering from these false impressions and using such kind of relationship illustrating words for a professional nurse.



Moreover, Pakistan is an Islamic country where there is no concept of nuns so why we are all still following these non-Islamic norms? The answer will be: we call them sisters in a sense of respect. But again the question is: are we left with only these unprofessional kind of terms sister and Baji for a professional lady? NO we have a lot of respectable words like miss and madam. And if we still can’t attribute them with these words then we must call them nurses as per their professional designation. Same as we do for all other professional ladies. Furthermore, Pakistan Nursing Council never mentioned the word sister for a professional nurse in official documents. Myths About the Nursing Profession in Pakistan.

Besides, now male nurses are also being inducted in the field so it would be ridiculous to call a male nurse by the word sister. In this regard, the US has already prohibited that word sister in (2010) due to the gender issue of male and female nurses. So, it’s high time to end this baseless tradition in Pakistan as well.

Nurses are parallel to Doctors:

The next important illusion about the nursing profession is that nurses are at a lower level than that of the doctors. Again, it’s completely erroneous philosophy. In reality, nurses and doctors are like two wheels of a vehicle playing a parallel role with different assigned duties. A nurse can’t perform the role of doctor; likewise, a doctor can’t perform the duty of a nurse, so the comparison between a doctor and a nurse is totally illogical. Both of them make the basis of the medical profession. Because of the low education level people used to make such kind of unreasonable comparison to discourage the nursing profession. Myths About the Nursing Profession in Pakistan.

Education Level of Nurses:

Moreover, people consider nurses to have a low education level. But actuality shows that nursing in PAKISTAN started with the diploma system of almost three years on the basis of matriculation degree. But now PNC has introduced a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) a four years degree program with one year of internship instead of a nursing diploma. Our nurses have not ended to only BSN; rather they are paving their path toward higher studies like MSN (Master of Science in Nursing), specialization in different nursing areas, and Ph.D. Dr. Raisa Gull (PhD holder nurse),RN Nafisa Iqbal(MS Public Health) are some of the brightening stars of Pakistan. So, it would be highly unjustified to consider them lower educated. Myths About the Nursing Profession in Pakistan.

BPS Scale of Nurses in Pakistan:

Another significant delusion is about the BPS scale of a qualified nurse. People even don’t know about his/her pay scale. A PNC certified nurse is a 17grade officer with a good salary package ranging between 60,000 to 1, 50,000 rupees. No one but our media is responsible for this misconception that always represents a nurse as miserable and poor creation of GOD earning only 25,000 rupees. As the recent top rating drama serial EHDE WAFA is one the best example in which a nurse represented as a despicable person of society with low character values and poor financial status. Our government and PNC should have an eye on such activities of media in which they are demoralizing the true essence of any profession.

Paramedics and LHVs are not Nurses:

Last but not the least; we have another misconception that every white uniform wearing person must be a nurse. Most of the people think that paramedics and LHVs are also nurses. But in reality we need to differentiate between them. As the paramedics and LHVs are health care providers and helping hand of doctors and nurses in the medical profession. Myths About the Nursing Profession in Pakistan.


Coming toward conclusion, it needs to mentioned that according to a survey, the nursing profession is the most trustable ranking top profession all over the world. It can also become one of the most adopted professions in Pakistan if our government and media pay their attention to end these above mentioned traditional myths and misconceptions about this field which are absolutely a big hindrance in its development. Besides, our media should highlight the role of nursing community in current scenario of COVID- 19 as BBC News admired Chinese nurse’s role at international level in fight against Corona Virus. Lastly, nurses should keep on struggling to pull out their profession from dung heap of society’s narrow mindedness with the tool of their integrity, wisdom and education.

Myths About the Nursing Profession in Pakistan.

sushant singh rajput commits suicide

Sushant Singh Rajput- Bollywood actor commits suicide

Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput has reportedly committed suicide. Young Bollywood actor was found dead in his apartment. Everyone is shocked with this tragic news. He commits suicide by hanging at his Bandra residence.

The man Who inspired and Taught youngsters how to live Life has Departed. He was a role model for youth.

gone to look soon deeply disheartened if he was sad or sinking in some terrible situation must have opened up n talked to someone but really not have taken this extreme damn step.

People have started sharing their thoughts and condolences about sushant singh rajput

We will never know who is going through what in their personal life. Always be kind.

SHOCKING and deeply disturbing. Heartfelt Condolences to Sushants family and friends

hope he finds peace on the other side.

Obviously should be debts. How much glittering stars’

lives look from outside that much dark

and gothic are their lives inside!


Sushant born on 21 January 1986 and lived till 14 June 2020. He was a dancer, actor, enterprnure and run welfare. He first appeared in TV series. Sushant worked in a drama named Kis desh main maira dil. This serial aired in 2008. Later he won Zee award for his role in Pavitar rishta. Pavitar rishta played between 2009 and 2011. Later he acted in his first ever film. He acted in his first film named Koi Po Che in 2013. Later on he never stopped and continued his amazing career. Rajput’s most popular film named MS Dhoni the untold story. This film released in 2016. He worked in famous named PK. PK broke many records. This film became famous all over the world. On 14 June 2020, Sushant reportedly died due to suicide. Bollywood has lost a true gentleman actor and person. He will be remembered.

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cover photo Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, Greatest of all Time

“Oh what a goal by Cristiano Ronaldo, Sensational, The greatest player in the history of Champions league with absolute beauty. Keep the time to talk us all the Juventus fans around us are on their feet applauding.”

Gol de Cristianoooooo, Gol Gol Gol, Gol, Gol de Cristianooo

“He has the name, he has the focus to be the best player in the world, he said it he is best in the world and he made people believe in his words”

Cristiano’s mother used to call him Cry baby when Ronaldo was a kid, Ronaldo was more interested in football than studies in early life. Every time Ronaldo lost, he had tears in his eyes, because he always wants to win.

Cristiano had a tough childhood, his father was an alcoholic. When he was 12 years old he went on a three days trial with Sporting CP. Ronaldo’s incredible talent made his place in the club and he signed a contract with the Club with a fee of £1,500. He persuaded her mom to cease the studies and focus on Football.

Cristiano, I am sorry you have a heart problem, you have a racing heart, A doctor said to Cristiano.

Cristiano felt heart-broken and devastated when he knew that, perhaps you won’t be able to play football again.

“Don’t give up on your dreams because when you have dreams to chase, nothing can stop you”

In his debut in the Primeira Liga, against Moreirense, and scored two goals in their 3–0 win. The world knew the name of Cristiano Ronaldo when Ronaldo played a friendly against Manchester United.


Ronaldo’s show was a treat to watch, Sir Alex Ferguson made his mind to pick the youngster from the Portuguese club.  

Sporting beat Manchester united and United signed Ronaldo by paying $12.2 million to Sporting. Ronaldo was the most expensive teenager in the ish Premier League.

Ronaldo honoured with number 7 jersey, the prestigious number 7 of Eric Cantona and David Beckham.

Sir Alex, the greatest manager of all time, polished the Portuguese and made him world the best player. 

manchister united CR7

“He’s been my father in sport, one of the most important and influential factors in my career.” Ronaldo on Sir Alex

Ronaldo won 3 Premier League titles and 1 Champion League with Manchester United. He was nominated for Ballon d’Or every year and won his first in 2008 when he scored 42 goals in all competitions for United in that season.


Cristiano Ronaldo, in front of 80,000 Madridistas was presented in Santiago Bernabeu. He was warmly welcomed by Real Madrid fans and players, Alfred De Stefano presented number 9 shirt to Cristiano. El Capitano Raul wore number 7 that’s why Ronald wore number 9 for a while. He came as a star and left as a star. His career saw the peaks in Real Madrid., yes right 3 back to back Champions leagues and 450 goals.

Here he got train by Manuel Pellegrini, Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, and Zinedine Zidane.

“When you are playing with Ronaldo, you are already 1 goal up”  Zidane

Ronaldo won every single title with Real  Madrid,

Cristiano-Ronaldo- Madrid
  • 4 champions leagues with Madrid, 5 in total, 1 with Manchester United.
  • 4 ballon d’or
  • 2 La Liga title
  • 4 club world cup

People often call Ronaldo as Penaldo, a lot of penalties, in fact, it is not true, only 17 % of  his goal came from penalty spots.

Ronaldo and Messi both in Spain were like an interesting movie to watch. Ronaldo has most goals in el Classico in Camp nou.

With Real Madrid, Ronaldo made many victims, the comeback against Wolfsburg, 2 nil down to 3-2 in 2nd leg with prestigious hattrick by Ronaldo.

Athletico Madrid only conceded 3 hat-tricks in the last decade, all scored by one man, Cristiano Ronaldo. He is all time goal scorer for Real Madrid.

3 back to back champions league made Cristiano career more bright than ever. He knocked out Bayern Munchen, Juventus and Atletico several times in champion league.

“Oh what a goal by Cristiano Ronaldo, Sensational, The greatest player in the history of Champions league with absolute beauty. Keep the time to talk us all the Juventus fans around us are on their feet applauding.”

After lifting 2018 Champions league, Cristiano leave the club and join Juventus.


Wherever he goes, he go on winning titles, “Joining Juventus was a challenge, I wanted new challenges so here I am”

Cristiano won Player of the year award for Serie A in the first season, despite his age he is still doing wonders. He also won Serie A and still on the top of the table. He also won the Italian Super Cup.


Ronaldo won 2 international trophies as well, EURO Cup 2016 and Nations League. Her header goal against Wales and an assist sent Portugal in Final in EURO 2016. Ronaldo got an injury in 2016 final in the first half. He had to leave to pitch with tears in his eyes. Let see this year, can Cristiano win back to back International Title?

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