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Heavy fees claimed by AJ&K universities from students is example of outrage: Amir Bashir Inqlabi

Heavy fees claimed by AJ&K universities from students is example of outrage: Amir Bashir Inqlabi 

Amir Bashir Inqlabi is a well-known student leader PSF from Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K). He is famous for his blunt and straight forward behavior. Talking today to press Amir stated that heavy fees claimed by AJ&K universities from students; a clear example of outrage. Inqlabi further stated that in this hour of pandemic Chancellor (President of the state) should take notice of the heavy fee challans. We demand only to claim tuition fees and to exclude examination, library, sports, health care, other fees, research fund, generator charges, bus, internet charges, security, subsidies and IT charges.

Amir Bashir Inqlabi
Amir Bashir Inqlabi

Inqlabi further emphasized

Amir Bashir Inkalabi, ex Candidate Chairman JKPSF, said that demanding fees from the students in this frustrated and tight situation a clear tantamount to brutality. We can face this Pandemic situation if an act like a nation not like a corporate.
The MUST University issued the fee challans despite the university got closed. The University administration should had placed a note on the gate, “Education on sale”.

Heavy fees claimed by AJ&K Amir Bashir

University Policy

The Universities must devise a policy with the co-operation of students. the students have criticized these blood-sucking policies in the past and still protest against this. Never has any institution put an ear to our cries. This can cause a complete deadlock across the state. We uttered that we can challenge the writ and prowess of universities’ administration on the roads and that can be more dangerous.

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Students demand

The students believe that only tuition fees should be demanded. Other charges regarding facilities, which students didn’t avail these months of lockdown must be expelled from the fee challan.

Amir Inkalabi appealed the valiant students MUST university not to submit any fees other than tution. If there comes any issue we will face it together.

Heavy fees claimed by AJ&K Amir Bashir

Final remarks

“Heavy fees claimed by AJ&K universities can not be tolerated at any cost”, these were the final remarks by Inqlabi.

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