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How to create and rank Fiverr gig on Fiverr

How to create and rank Fiverr gig on Fiverr 

Hi hope you all are fine. My name is Umer Farooq and currently, I am level 2 seller on Fiverr. I joined Fiverr in August 2019. Now, I am here to share the experience that I have gained during these days as a seller on fiver. I am going to tell you how to create a gig on fiver and how to rank your gig on Fiverr. If you are a new seller and searching for a breakthrough on fiver to get your account started; I am going to guide you through little secrets through which you can rank Fiverr gig and start getting orders. So bear with me and read the points that i am going to discuss 🙂 in this article.

Basic knowledge about gig creation

People assume that creating a gig on the Fiverr is pretty simple. It is not correct. You need to have basic knowledge about the gigs and their working procedure. This is the very first and basic point where many sellers fail. They don’t get orders when they do not know the working procedure of the gigs. After waiting for months, they quit this platform and waste their struggle that they put during these months.

Creating your first Gig

Creating the first gig is always special for new sellers. They are pretty much confused and don’t have the right direction. First of all, go to the gigs section on the seller dashboard. What is the seller dashboard? If you still don’t know about the seller and buyer dashboard don’t worry i will help you out in this regard. Look at the images attached below.

You can also rank fiverr gig by following these steps.

switch to buying
Switch To Buying
switch to selling
Switch To Selling

After switching to seller dashboard you will see the option of gigs in the top bar menu.

Gigs portion How to rank your gig Create a gig on fiverr

After you click the gig section a new window will open in which there will be an option to create a new gig. Click on the create new gig button and it will take you to a new gig creation window as shown in the image below.

gig window Create a gig on fiverr

1. How to write gig title

In this section, you start creating your new gig. This is the first step towards how to create and rank your gig. You will see the Gig Titlesection. This is the section in which you are going to write your gig title.

Now the question arises that what should be the title of the gig. For example, I am a WordPress web developer, Therefore, I will write the title as “I will develop a perfect WordPress website for you” (as shown in the image below). Similar is the case with other categories. You can adjust the title according to your own thinking. But make sure that you write the title that is related to your expertise. The important thing is that the title should not be very long. Keep it in the writable limits provided by the Fiverr.

Create a gig on fiverr is an art and you need to master it.

gig title for rank gig in fiverr Create a gig on fiverr

2. Select Category

Now the next step is the selection of category in the category selection. You will select your category depending on the gig that you are going to create. For example, I am creating a gig for the WordPress website so i will select the categories related to the website development (shown in the image below).

You can also rank fiverr gig by following these steps.

selection of category in fiver rank Create a gig on fiverr
Category Button

selection of category to create a gig on fiverr

3. Select Service Type

Now we will select theservice typethat we are going to offer in our gig. First, we have selected the gig category, and now its time for the selection of service type. In our case, as we are creating a gig for the website we will select the service type accordingly as shown in the image below.

selection typre on fiver to create a gig on fiverr

4. Select Gig Meta Data

Its turn for the selection ofGig metadata. Gig metadata is not available for all categories. Therefore, if you don’t find gig metadata in your selected niche then there is no need to panic. If someone doesn’t know what metadata is he/ she can always google these little things and can have their answers.

Create a gig on fiverr is an art and you need to master it.

Gig meta data creat gig on fiver

5. Select Search Tags

Now the most important step in creating a gig is the selection of search tags. Search tags help us in ranking our gig. These are the tags that buyers use to search for the services on Fiverr. I suggest you open some gigs of your respective niche that are on first page of Fiverr. For example I search for the wordpress website and open some gigs that are on the first page. I open them in separate tabs and compare their search tags. After comparing I select those tags that I think are good and going to help in ranking my gig. I have selected some tags in the image below that I think are going to help me in ranking my gig.

Hope these step help you to create a gig on fiverr.

search tags for rank gig

6. Scope & Pricing

After clicking on the save and continue button, you will see a new tab called Scope & Pricing. In this, there is no rocket science. It is easy to understand and self-explanatory. In this section, you have to select packages and adjust the price according to your desired budget. I recommend you to open some gigs of other sellers and see there pricing and packages. By doing this, you will have an idea of the prices and packages that you can select. I have attached an image for you to have an overlook of the pricing and packages.

pricing to create a gig on fiverr

7. Description & FAQ

The next tab that opens is description and FAQ. For those who don’t know FAQ stands for frequently asked questions.

Things to remember while writing Gig description

  • First, you will briefly tell about yourself like your experience.
  • Then will tell you about the services that you are providing.
  • You will write in the description that why people should select you and give their projects to you. You have to write convincing lines for your clients.

Note: Do not copy and paste the description from other seller’s gigs. You can have an idea by looking at their description but don’t copy-paste. Fiverr will block your gig whenever they find that you have copied from, other sellers.

Hope these step help you to create a gig on fiverr.

Description to create a gig on fiverr

8. Requirements

After completing the Description & FAQ section, now you will see the Requirements tab. In this tab, you will enter the requirements that you want your buyer to fulfill while ordering on your gig. For example, you can ask them for source files, images, videos, and many other things according to your niche.

FAQs to create a gig on fiverr

9. Gallery

The next and final step is the selection of the images that you are going to showcase in your gig. The images should be unique and self-explanatory. Don’t copy images from other sellers. It is against the rules and your gig can eventually be deleted when Fiverr notices it. If possible add a video presentation of your expertise. It gives a very good impression on the buyer when he sees your gig. It gives a professional look. Therefore, the chances of getting orders might increase.

Hope these step help you to create a gig on fiverr.

media section to create a gig on fiverr

10. Publish Gig

After completing and filling all the requirements, you are now ready to publish your gig. Click on the publish button and boom;Your gig is now live 🙂

Important Note: For publishing your gig you have to pass the fiver basic English test. This test is very simple and easy to pass. After passing the test you will be able to publish your gig. The test section can be found on your profile as shown in the image below.

Create a gig on Fiverr and rank fiverr gig are two different prospects. But both of these are interlinked to some extent.

fiverr test section to create a gig on fiverr

Tips to rank your gig

If you want to rank your gig then will have to follow the instructions that i am going to discuss here. You can add other ways in the comment section if i miss some. Your comments might be helpful for others. Now lets discuss the ranking criteria of gigs on Fiverr.

These points will help you to rank fiverr gig.

1. Look and inspect the gigs on first page

The first step that I consider important is that you go to the first page of any category and open gigs of sellers that are there at first page. For example, I search for the sellers that are in the category of WordPress website. If you look at the image that I have attached below you will find the first 4 gigs that fiver is showing in this category. What you have to is that you open these 4 to 5 gigs in a separate tab.

How to search gig on fiver

2. SEO Title, Search Tags or Target Keywords

After opening the gigs in new tabs, you have to look at some key attributes like SEO Title, Search tags, or target keywords. These attributes are very important for ranking your gig. As I have discussed above the tags and their role in ranking the gig. You will have to use those tags that are legit and are used by the top sellers. If I am searching for the WordPress website category then I will add the WordPress website as my search tag. By adding the “WordPress website” tag my gig will start showing in that particular category.

The important thing is that you will have to search those tags that have relatively low competition as compared to other search tags. I will show you an example. If you look at the images below. You will see that the search tag “WordPress website” has around 44,478 gigs but is you look at the search results for “professional WordPress website design”, you can see that the services have dropped to 38000 gigs. Now what will you do, you will add both of these search tags in your gig. So that your gig starts appearing in both these categories. The chances of getting orders can greatly increase. These are just examples to show you. You can devise the tags on your own by searching on fiver. I hope you understand my point.

These points will help you to rank fiverr gig.

search tags on fiverr
Search Results For Professional WordPress Website Design
search results for rank fiver
Search Results For WordPress Website

3. URL optimization

URL optimization is another important way to rank you gig higher. When you create your gig first time, Fiverr by default gives gig title as your URL. So you need to make sure that you are using perfect keywords in your title. You can see in the image below the URL of the gig.

what is url of the gig
URL of the Gig

4. Role of Pricing of gig

For the new sellers, it is very important that you set your gig price to low. You will have to do this to compete in this market. If you hope that you are starting as a new seller and going to compete with the same price that successful sellers are giving. Believe me, you are not going to get orders to kick start your freelance career on fiver. Many can disagree with this point but this is a bitter reality. The benefit of dropping the price is that there are some buyers that have a very low budget like me.

Therefore, what they do is that they look for those sellers that are cheaper as compared to high-level sellers. So, the chances of getting orders increase. You will have to offer your services at a low price initially. When you have completed 5 to 10 orders you can gradually start increasing your prices. After some time you will be there competing at a high level with other successful sellers 🙂

Create a gig on Fiverr and rank fiverr gig are two different prospects. But both of these are interlinked to some extent.

5. Try to be online all the time

Being a freelancer it is your duty to be online 24 hours. You should install the mobile app and should open it frequently if you don’t have a computer or laptop with you. Now, what is the importance of being online all the time? I will explain it with the help of images. Really hope you know that when a buyer search for services, there is an option that they can select those sellers that are online.

I have attached the image below where you can see the option of online sellers if you already don’t know. There are around 44000 gigs in the category for the WordPress website, But if i select the option for online sellers, the gigs reduce to only 2476 active gigs. This is the advantage that being online every time can give you. Tell me is it better to compete in 44000 gigs or in 2476 gigs. I hope you understand my point.

These points will help you to rank fiverr gig.

How to search gig on fiver
You can see that 44,478 services are available
online services button in fiverr
You can see that only 2476 services are available when online sellers is pressed

6. Buyer requests

Sending buyer requests as a new seller is very important. You should know how to write a killer proposal. If you are good at writing proposal you can win projects easily through buyer requests. You can send 10 buyer requests daily. Try to utilize those 10 requests daily.

buyer request on fiverr

7. Make multiple gigs in same niche

To rank, your gig it is important that you make multiple gigs in the same category or niche. You will be thinking that what is the possible outcome and advantage of making multiple gigs? Look I will try to explain with images. If you are an article writer and you make 2 gigs, one gig has the title “I will write an article for your website”. While another gig has the title as “I will write a fitness article for your website”. You can see in the images below that i have searched two categories in the same niche. I searched for a general category that is article writing and look at how many gigs I found, 28,375. On the other hand when i searched for a fitness article, I got just 999 gigs. This is the reason you should make 2 to 3 gigs on the same niche.

These points will help you to rank fiverr gig

search results for ranking gig on fiver gig
You can see the general category for article writing has 28,375 gigs
search results for ranking gig on fiver gig instantly
You can see the sub category for article writing (fitness article) has 999 gigs

8. Your customers

Your customers should be everything for you. You should give them the respect that they deserve. Be nice and gentle with them. They will come back again and again to you. But if you act rudely, you will lose them. I have shared one of my client’s history in the image below. You can see how many orders I have completed with a single client. This is all due to good communication and giving them the respect that they deserve. I got 40 orders from a single client. Isn’t it awesome? 🙂

fiver orders

9. Increase conversion rate

The conversion rate is very important if you want to rank your gig on Fiverr. Once you start getting order they try to keep getting them on a regular basis. The reason behind this is that Fiverr ranks your gig on the basis of your conversion rate.

conversion-rate on fiver

You can also check this amazing written article on ranking the gig on fiverr.

Read here.

10. Social share you gigs

Social sharing is another way to get views and impressions on your gigs. These social views don’t help much but still, it count to some extent in ranking the gig. So keep sharing your gigs on social platforms.

Muiltiple-gig- impression for fiver gig rank

11. Join professional groups on social platforms

I believe that joining the professional groups on social platforms can help you a lot in getting starting orders for your freelance career. For example, I am a WordPress developer, I will join the groups that deal with website development. Clients come to these groups looking for website developers. You can get your first project form this platform. You can bring them to Fiverr for rating and getting orders.

Fiver customer support response regarding Gigs ranking

I am just sharing this part for new sellers as they don’t know much about Fiverr Platform.

I contacted fiver support regarding how can we check gig status and updated criteria for gig ranking. This is the answer that I got:

We created an automated system where you can check your gig status in real-time, without having to wait in queue for an agent to respond. This feature is another way to provide a faster and more efficient way to communicate with support.

To check your Gig status, please use our Customer Support system:

If your Gig status is: Active, it means that your Gig is displayed in the search results pages in the marketplace.

Our goal is to ensure the best gigs are displayed when users use our search engine. For example, we do not display gigs that are not active, or from sellers who are on vacation, or from sellers who receive low ratings and reviews, etc. We consider a multitude of factors when displaying search results. The gig search position is based on our algorithm and Customer support can’t manually upgrade the gig’s search position.

We are constantly working on improving our marketplace and appreciate your patience. You are welcome to post any questions or comments you may have in our community forum. We also suggest trying “Learn from Fiverr”. These are on-demand professional courses to help you stand out in our marketplace. 

Create a gig on fiverr and rank a gig on fiverr are two different prospects. But both of these are interlinked to some extent.

These points will help you to rank fiverr gig.

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