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23 Oct 2020

Blog Post

Modern Jewelry trends in Pakistan 2020

Modern Jewelry trends in Pakistan 2020 

Jewelry has its own significance which can not be ignored on events especially like wedding. It is the first thing that is noticed. The concept of jewelry came in 1500-1600 BC by the Greeks. At that time the teeth and shells of the animals were used for the ornamentation. The women from every Era loved Jewelry of different kinds and design. The fashion trend is a thing which is increasing since decades. This trend is flourishing in Pakistan rapidly. The bridal jewelry in Pakistan is in the form of gold, silver and diamond. The bridal jewelry trend in Pakistan has always been related to our culture. When we think of bridal jewelry in Pakistan gold has always preferred which is embellished with gemstones. Modern Jewelry trends in Pakistan discussed.

Modern Jewelry trends in Pakistan.

Bridal jewelry trend in 2020

There is a bare possibility when you look into the markets for bridal jewelry the top notch thing you notice, not only gold in the market there can seen variety of pearls, kundans, Hyderabad styled necklaces and a combination of antique and modern designs. However, the gold, silver and platinum gems usually preferred among the ladies and simulated adornments liked at the waleema day.

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Statement jewelry:

As the gowns are in trend so the best pick with them is statement jewelry. Because, it is unique and fortify your personality and gives a bold look. Therefore, modern jewelry makes the trend better

Vintage jewelry:

Many designs, not just her dressing but her appearance also inspired by the past and design and trend. This Jewelry makes you graceful and elegant even if you have less interest in ancient jewelry.

a collection of vintage jewelry

Hairdo jewelry:

Decorating the parting in your hairstyle, a trend highlighted with pearls, crystals and diamond. It is completely eye catching. The tiaras and jewelry inspired from the nature add beauty to the Hairdo. It adds delicacy and makes your look ravishing. So, modern Jewelry trends in Pakistan.

Hairdo Jewelry

Floral designed jewelry:

The floral designed jewelry presents a refreshing look for every woman. The floral designed jewelry inspired by nature is also a thing for many brides these days.

Moonstone jewelry trend:

The Moonstone jewelry is is the kind of piece that gives a very stylish look. It has shine and luster which comes in a variety of colors and gives a decent look. It is highly demanding these days.

Modern Jewelry trends in Pakistan.

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