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23 Oct 2020

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Possible new pandemic virus from pigs; China study warns

Possible new pandemic virus from pigs; China study warns 

Covid-19 has not yet finished yet and new pandemic virus has arrived on the shores of the world to hit hard. Chinese laboratory study in Shanghai City has warned every body of a new possible pandemic virus from pigs. Researchers have issued the warning after closely examining the pigs in the city. Although they have told that there happens to be no imminent threat. We all know that the threat can be real to great extent especially for the countries that deal with the pork meat.

What study has told about the virus?

A team of Chinese experts took a look at the influenza virus that found in pigs during a span between 2011-18. This examination confirmed the presence of the  “G4” strain of H1N1. Therefore this has all the possibilities to become a pandemic. Similarly, the workers that work at the pig forms have shown increased level of virus in their blood. Therefore, close monitoring of these workers and people living near the pig industry should be monitored. The pandemic virus from pigs has all the potential to spread to humans especially those living in pig industry.

Pandemic virus

Is this really a threat?

We can not be sure if it is a real threat or not. Although if we look at the starting history of Corona virus. Firstly, it taken lightly and suddenly it took the whole world in its effect. Corona virus originated form China form a bat and it quickly spread to the whole world. Therefore, keeping in mind the Corona history we need to be aware of this possible threat.

Which countries will effect most from pandemic virus from pigs?

The answer to this question seems to be pretty simple. The countries that eat pork and have well established pork industry are most likely to hit from this. If we closely examine this situation then it is obvious that most of the countries will hit badly from this. Major threat is obviously China. China is going to be badly hit with this virus if it unfortunately takes place. Similarly, the countries that are going to be least hit with this pandemic virus from pigs will be Muslim countries. The reason we have picked Muslim countries is that they don’t eat pork and even they don’t allow import export on pigs. They don’t even have pork industries present in their countries.

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