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Privacy Policy

The website is brought to you by AppleSaaz (private limited). We take the privacy of our users very seriously and we don’t share your data with anyone. This policy is for every user whether he/she is using form comport, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

We are a team of dedicated writers and bloggers.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to create a platform where writers from all over the world can submit their articles. After processing their articles, we will publish them.

What will be the benefit of publishing your article?

We know that in the freelance world if you have dedicated yourself to be a content writer. So, you will have to provide your portfolio proof. Here we will come to your aid. Your published articles with your image and name will be enough for you to satisfy any client all over the world. Chance of getting good clients will increase drastically.

Personal information that AppleSaaz can collect:

Information that help us identify you

AppleSaaz can collect you real name, username, password and email address. Your personal data is safe with us.

How we collect your personal data:

We can collect your data when you register yourself on our website or when you leave a comment in the comment section of any article.

How can we use your personal data?

We don’t use your personal data. It is just saved so that we know your real identity. So, We don’t share your data with anybody else.

Keeping your data secure:

We keep your data secure. That is why we keep in mind the importance of your personal data and we take all the precautionary measures needed to safeguard your data. We have a secure database where we save all your important data. With all the reasonable security measures yet we can’t guarantee that your data can not be stolen, you know that the use of the internet is not totally secure, Therefore, any type of security breach can take place at any time. But we have taken all the precautionary measures to stop any type of security breach.


We may monitor your activity on our website just for quality assurance.

Information about other users:

The information that you provide about any other individual is hereby assured by you that it is correct. Therefore, we don’t share this information with anyone.

Keeping your personal data:

We keep your personal data as long as we need it or we think that that it is reasonable to keep it. After that, we delete it permanently.

Your legal rights:

Your legal rights are mentioned below:

Right to request the access to your data:

You have the right to ask for the copy of your information stored to us.

Right to request correction if needed:

You have right to request the correction in your data or article. After reviewing your request we will decide whether it is to be corrected or not.

Right to contact us anytime:

You have the right to contact us any time you want. We will be happy to assist you and guide you.

Contact us:

You can contact us at any on this email address