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Students across the state strongly reject dramatic decision of officials: Amir bashir inqlabi

Student Leader Central member and Ex candidate Chairman JKPSF Amir Bashir Inqlabi expressed hi views with media and said:
Excluding two thousand fees as relief is a shameful decision from officials. Students across the state strongly reject this drama.

Students are protesting for their rights claiming relief in fee slips as pandemic affected every class of the world. Universities’ administration should take appropriate measures to relieve students.
Amir Bashir Inqlabi further insisted that the Gov should make a policy to lift the burden from the shoulders of the parents who are facing great difficulties.

Amir further stated that

We as a society, as a nation should stand shoulder to shoulder to fight with this situation in an hour of need. Instead of giving relief to students, they are making dramatic decisions. Amir Bashir inqlabi student leader of Kashmir concluded and said Students are on roads and we are analyzing situation very closely gov and other officials are not taking our demands serious, students are risking their everything for service of their rights we warn if we feel gov and officials are not interested to resolve issues we will not let them sit in their Ac rooms.

Amir Bashir Inqlabi is a prominent student leader from Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK). Last time he spoke openly about the heavy fees claimed by AJ&K universities. You can read that article by clicking here.

2000 fee reduction is utter nonsense and this is a joke being made from the government. Students can’t even pay the whole fee. But, look at this government they are just playing with sentiments of the students.


Government; really helping students?

A question arises that is the Pakistan Government really helping students? The answer to this question is pretty much straightforward. Amir Bashir Inqlabi further said that the government has no idea that this pandemic has affected a large number of families both financially and physically. Therefore, it is our demand that the government just don’t play the bloody point-scoring game. They should come up with proper fee reduction criteria. Students who used to earn themselves by doing different jobs are now jobless. Therefore, it is not possible for a large number of students to pay their fees. Vanities

Amir Bashir Inqlabi wants the government to look into this matter seriously.

Final remarks

We hope that the government looks into this matter carefully and comes up with proper fee reduction criteria that really help students.

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