Five Factor of Almonds that Prevent From Diseases’ Longevity

Our body needs energy for proper functioning. Food is the source of energy that we eat daily. Nevertheless, It is commonly understood that all foods are the same, and equal, but in fact, it is not true. Every type of food and fruits contain different ingredients.  Almonds are the nut that was originated in the Middle East, after that it spread across Europe through Arabs and Greeks. After seeing its benefits, people start using Almond and its oil in their daily routine. Almonds are rich in proteins, lipids, and fibres.  Physicians and nutritionists suggest that almonds are and an important ally for our body and it should not be neglected. After cracking the hard seed cover, underlies the delicious dry fruit, that can be eaten as it is, or in the powdered form. Without any delay here are the benefits of almonds for our body.

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1. Almond can help in preventing acne:

Acne is a skin disease and characterized by the presence of cysts and comedones pimples. Acne is a common dermatological disease that remains invasive for your skin. Initially, there are small pimples in red colour that grow in size with time. Therefore, these make the skin itchy and look scary sometimes. A study published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology revealed that there is a linkage between this disease and the deficiency of Vitamin A and E. Almonds contain abundant Vitamin A and E. So, the use of almond would prove significant in the eradication of acne.

acne almonds

2. Almond can help better manage type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a medical condition where the Beta cells of islets of Langerhans of the pancreas slowly reduces the production of insulin. Therefore, insulin and sugar have an inverse relation. In type 2 diabetes, patients suffer from chronic hyperglycemia. It shows the increased level of sugar in the blood. The high level of sugar can’t be ignored as its higher-level could create problems and have serious consequences on the patient. The compumptions of the almonds seem to prove beneficial in the reduction of risks of type 2 disease.

diabetis almonds

3. Almond can prevent magnesium deficiencies

Magnesium is an essential mineral for the proper functioning of our body, therefore, studies have shown that magnesium deficiency can cause a serious effect on our health. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency include chronic fatigue, sudden migraines that appear for no apparent reason, or even a risk of high blood pressure. The almonds contain magnesium, even they are rich in magnesium which, if consumed regularly, can prevent the deficiency of magnesium and remove the risks of all the symptoms which result from it. 

magnesium deficiencies almonds

4. Almond can improve the cognitive development of the baby

During pregnancy, feeding a mom is a key factor for the baby’s growth.  It is important to eat, hygienic healthy and varied that ensure that the baby can grow in the best conditions. According to a study published by the Institute of Global Health in Barcelona, ​​Spain, the consumption of nuts especially almonds would have a positive impact not only on the baby’s neurological development but also on his long-term memory.


5. Almond can reduce cholesterol 

Almond is a dry fruit that is rich in lipids. Lipids constitute about 54% of nut’s total nutrition. There are two types of cholesterol in the blood, ‘good’ cholesterol (or HDL) and ‘bad’ (or LDL). According to a study conducted by the scientific journal Nutrients, almonds would contribute not only to the reduction of LDL cholesterol but also to the maintenance of HDL cholesterol. Therefore, almonds are a significant ingredient against cardiovascular diseases caused by the imbalance use of cholesterol in our body.

reduce cholestrol almonds

Almonds yes, but which ones and in what form?

When we make our mind about the regular consumption of a certain food, it is essential to select the best possible quality of it. We, therefore, recommend that you should buy organic almonds for regular consumption. People also use salted almonds. But we prefer not to eat salt, as the continuous or excessive use of salt can cause serious problems regarding blood pressure and eventually problems related to the heart. Do not hesitate to read the back of the almond pack to make sure that the almonds you are holding in your hands are salt-free. Prefer dry almonds or dried roasted almonds instead of oil-roasted almonds for better health.