weight loss


Eating the right foods, however, is necessary to avoid spoiling your diet. If you are thinking that your snacks are making you fat then this blog is going to help you in your weight loss process, as these meals are recommended by nutritionists. We can combine snacks and weight loss to calm the midday hollows. However, all foods are not safe to eat, despite the common ideas regarding them. To lose weight, you have to avoid below mentioned foods.

Moving on a diet to lose weight does not mean restricting yourself to meals and predefined calorie intake. Indeed, the snacks are the perfect choices to maintain energy intake throughout the day as well as minerals and vitamins. It can also normalize the appetite so that the belly does not cry famine between meals.

Here is a list of 11 foods to avoid for weight loss according to the college of German nutritionists. Some information about these snacks may be helpful

1. Dried fruits:

When you buy your mix in-store, the portions are small and that drives you to consume more. Instead, options for nuts and almond bars or make your mixes to avoid consuming calories which in the end will not give you a feeling of satiety, dried fruits will help you in weight loss.


2. The pretzels:

Pretzels contain salt. Salt can cause water retention and bloat. Instead of pretzels, there are some other options like nuts that contain more proteins than the pretzels.

These are the foods to avoid to lose weight.


3. The puffed rice cakes:

It is a common belief that patties are generally described as healthy with few calories and fat. However, it is mandatory to know that their glycemic index is high. As an alternative, you can make vegan popcorn with no added fats.


4. Bottled smoothie:

Bottled smoothies may seem perfect for a low-calorie diet, but we prefer not to use them. According to scientists, bottled smoothies often contain a high amount of sugars. So making your smoothies is, therefore, the perfect way to ensure their capacity.


5. Sugar-free sodas:

A study conducted by the International Research Center has revealed that two glasses of soft drinks a day can increase the risk of death. With or without sugars, carbonated drinks are dangerous for the body.

So, eliminating sodas would be difficult at first, but it is essential to take care of your health. These are the foods to avoid to lose weight.


6. Banana chips:

Banana chips are delicious, low-calorie snacks. However, you should know that they contain a higher amount of saturated fats as these are usually fried. If you don’t like banana chips then instead of banana chips you can simply prefer to eat the fruit as it is.

So it is recommended that instead of eating banana chips, you should eat the fruit as it is.


7. Chocolate Pudding:

According to the study published by the British Journal of Nutrition, certain recipes that are falsely considered mild but can increase the risk of cardiovascular problems. The pudding is also part of this list.

Choose dark chocolate that contains natural cocoa that is rich in antioxidants and contains lesser carbohydrates and more fiber. These are the foods to avoid to lose weight.


8. Cheese cookies:

Biscuits and cheese are simple sugars and are rich in carbohydrates, which significantly hampers your weight loss process.

There are choices of some other foods that can be healthy and high-protein even when you run out of time: dried fruits, almonds, and nuts.


9. The Granola:

It is considered that a bowl of Granola good for health but it is not. Indeed, this mixture combining dried fruits, oatmeal, and nuts is generally enriched in sugars. It is suggested to read carefully its nutritional composition of the granola before you buy some.


These are the foods to avoid to lose weight.

10. Packets of cookies:

Several studies on diets have shown that low-calorie packages of cookies cause many problems for health. Although they are low in calories they also contain are added sugars as well.


11. Flavored Yogurts:

All flavored yogurts are rich in sugars. Instead of a jar of strawberry yogurt, it is recommended by physicians to choose Greek yogurt, as it contains lesser sugars and contains protein to satiate you.

These foods will help you in weight loss naturally without causing any side effect to your body.