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Terms and conditions

If you want to write an article for our website and for your portfolio, you must follow these guidelines:

Guidelines for writing articles for our website:

1. First and the most important thing is that the article should not be plagiarized or copied from any other platform. It should be unique.

2. Article length should be not less than 650 words.

3.You can select the topic for your article from the categories mentioned in the footer section of our website.

4. You will submit your article on this address. (

5.After carefully reviewing the article, we will let you know whether it matches the standards to be published or not.

6. Articles should be focused on keywords. (You can ask us for guidance about targeted keywords. We will be glad to help you).

7. Article should have at least 1 image.

8. For the featured image dimension should be 1200×900 pixels. And if you are adding more than one image then the dimensions for the other images should be 500×350 pixels.