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What Are Motorcycle Racing Suits Made Of?

What Are Motorcycle Racing Suits Made Of

Motorcycle Racing has become the centre of attention for sports freaks which has led to a rapid rise in its popularity. Keeping in view the enthusiastic approach towards this sport, many brands have introduced racing gear to promote the sport and enhance the quality of experience for these bikers. Whether it is the protection from injuries, safety of life, or withstanding extreme weather conditions, the motorcycle racing suits fit all the jobs proficiently. When the topic of racing suits is discuses it is important to ponder upon the unique composition of motorcycle racing suits. Do you know What Are Motorcycle Racing Suits Made Of??

Why Do Riders Use Protective Racing Suits?

If you are curious to know in detail, we have got you covered with this fantabulous guide on what the racing suits are made of!

The top three materials that are preferre for manufacturing high-quality motorcycle racing tracksuits are:

  1. Kangaroo Suit
  2. Cowhide leather
  3. Vegan Textiles

Kangaroo Leather Suits

Kangaroo leather is the favourite choice of professional motorcycle racers due to the wide range of features it provides. The unbeatable qualities make it a hot-selling material for manufacturing racing suits. The motorcycle racing suits made of kangaroo leather are light in weight and highly flexible. The top-notch flexibility makes the extreme manoeuvring included in on-track racing very feasible. Moreover, kangaroo leather is abrasion resistant which makes it a perfect material for ensuring the safety of the riders. Its high tensile strength and resistance to wear and tear gives it an unprecedented edge over other racing suit materials. It is thinner than cowhide and other leathers therefore many racers opt for it for making their racing suits. Featuring tons of noteworthy characteristics, kangaroo leather tops the list in our guide.

Cowhide Motorcycle Racing Suits

One of the top picks for manufacturing a high-end racing suit is cowhide leather. According to research, this has been rated as one of the most durable materials for making motorcycle racing suits. It has a natural grainy and textured feel that makes it highly reliable. Cowhide leather as used in other clothing items is preferable for racing suits as well due to its comfortable texture and smooth finish making the racing experience on track comfortable and convenient. Cowhide leathers have high strength and these are resistant to dirt, wear and tear. The fit of cowhide leather racing suits is sure to make you rest assured of the safety of your ride as the leather is very less likely to be damaged. Compared to the kangaroo leather suits, the cowhide racing suits are affordable and handy.

Vegan Textiles Racing Suits

Vegan textile is a synthetic polymer that serves as an excellent alternative for animal leathers such as cowhide and kangaroo. These are gaining popularity rapidly due to the global focus on reducing animal cruelty through the tanning of leather obtained from animals. The motorcycle racing community is contributing to reducing animal cruelty by choosing vegan textile racing suits. These suits are known for their remarkable durability and high tensile strength.

Despite the exceptional strength provided by vegan textiles, these are light in weight and durable. Most vegan textile suits come in black colour and manufacturers are progressing day by day in equipping. The vegan textile suits with more features. Another phenomenal feature regarding the manufacturing process of vegan textiles is that these are sustainable. Less water is use during the production, and high emission of CO2 is also avoide. Thus, vegan textile motorcycle racing suits are an eco-friendly choice with a promised provision of benefits on track.

Other Materials Used In Protective Gear

The motorcycle racing gear is much more than just leather suits and fittings. The racing gloves, helmet and right shoes for a ride are some noticeable parts of the fit.  This, the racing suit consists of several other inclusions that aid in increasing the protective strength of motorcycle racing suits. Some of them are as follows:

Strength Kevlar

The strength Kevlar is included in leather racing suits and it is made up of a robust material. The strength Kevlar is incorporate inside leather racing suits to boost flexibility and increase the response time. It also improves the fitting of the suit and increases tensile strength. The distinguishing feature of Kevlar is that it can retain the properties of abrasion resistance even at extreme temperatures which makes it an unavoidable addition to racing gear.

Pu Padding

Pu Padding is another crucial part of motorcycle racing gear and it is include in the track suits at focused areas such as collar bones, biceps, elbows, backbone, tail bone, thigh region etc. This functions to lessen the impact of hitting force in case of a crash or any other accident. Hence, PU padding is inevitable to ensure shielding the sensitive areas of the body.

Internal Armour

The internal armours are place within the main body using Velcro which prevents the armour from slipping away and disorienting from the target area. Hence the internal armours are made to provide further protection to the sensitive areas such as elbows, knees, and spine. Depending on the type of motorcycle racing suit the internal armours can be permanently fixe inside the suit or removable for necessary adjustments. Before a ride on the racing track, the racing suit is equippe with internal armours to eliminate the risk of any life-threatening injuries.


The topic of the composition of motorcycle racing suits is far more complex than the material mentioned above. However, the guide provide above provides you with enough information regarding what motorcycle racing suits are made of. There are endless varieties of leathers as well as synthetic textiles available to used in the manufacturing of racing suits. Each comes with its pros and cons and the right material is only the one that helps the bikers in improving their performance on track conveniently. It is important to know the additional gear that must incorporated with racing suits to spare no effort in ensuring the safety of riders.

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