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Why Do Motorcycle Gloves Have Hard Knuckles?

Why Do Motorcycle Gloves Have Hard Knuckles

Have you ever thought that what is the first body part that becomes exposed to injuries when it comes to racing accidents? You might be thinking about the head or legs. But that’s not the truth. The hands are most vulnerable to open wound injuries leading to severe disabilities. The fingers and wrist are sensitive to getting injured real quick and in a case when the motorcycle rider has not worn any gloves, the bare hand joints might not be able to withstand the body weight in case of a fall. So motorcycle gloves consist of hard knuckles to protect the racers from these severe injuries. In this post, we discussed Why Do Motorcycle Gloves Have Hard Knuckles?

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Purposes Of Hard Knuckles In Motorcycle Gloves

There is far more insight relating to the subject of hard knuckles in motorcycle gloves. Here are some interesting facts revealing why the motorcycle gloves have hard knuckles:

Protecting The Knuckles From Injuries

As compared to ordinary street riding, the risk of accidents is way more severe in professional motorcycle racing. This is the reason why the racers are the most concerned about carrying the essential safety gear with them. Hard knuckle motorcycling gloves top the list of the most important safety items. The primary function of motorcycle gloves having hard knuckles is to act as armor for sensitive joints of the fingers and the wrist. In any unfortunate fall, the bare hand is not enough to resist the humongous body weight and there can be an open wound injury in no time. To prevent that, the motorcycle gloves have hard knuckles that minimize the impact of body weight on fingers during a crash or a fall.

Saving The Fingers

Not only the knuckles are susceptible to getting injured, but the fingers as a whole can also be broken if not protected by motorcycle gloves. Hand fingers, if damaged, can result in a legitimate disability to control the motorcycle in the future. It can risk the future of the racer if the fingers are not adequately protected by using hard knuckles gloves. The damage to fingers is less likely to be reparable and the injuries can last for years. Any professional racer won’t ever take the risk to get lifelong injuries at the cost of not carrying the right safety gear. Thus, the hard knuckles added to motorcycle gloves are important in saving the fingers from any kind of injury.

Protecting From Harsh Weather Conditions

Hands are the masterminds of controlling any racing vehicle. The motorcycle racers control the extreme maneuvering in the sport with the help of their hands. For a hassle-free ride and an efficient performance, it is inevitable to protect the hands from all the external environmental conditions that may hinder the performance. The gloves have hard knuckles so that the frosting cold or scorching heat may not affect the fingers or stiffen the muscles. The hard material used to make knuckles in the gloves act as a barrier to insulate all the changes in temperature and keep the hands functioning normally even in unbearable weather conditions.

Preventing The Collision Of Bones

As motorcycle racing involves intense movements of hands to control and catch a grip of the motorcycle, the bones of the thumb and adjacent fingers are likely to collide. The hand bones, especially the finger bones, are prone to damage as they are sensitive. In case of extreme movement when the fingers are not held in place by a glove, the collision can even result in breaking the bones. Guarding the knuckles against smashing into each other is essential to reduce the risk of progressive injuries.  So, the hard knuckles in motorcycle gloves prevent the finger bones from colliding with each other.

Improving The Grip

It is important to note that a staunch grip is a key to successful motorcycle racing. Therefore the gloves come with the necessary paddings and hard knuckles to improve the overall grip and help in better control of the racing motorcycle. This provides a cushioning effect and helps the racers to maintain a strong grip on the motorcycle for a long period. The grip is also a fundamental aspect in improving the swiftness of movements and turns. A stronger grip on the handles will allow the motorcycle racers to flexibly move at any angle and will resultantly improve the performance.

Resistance From Abrasion

Frictional forces are most common to develop during a motorcycle racing event. Due to the high intensity of movements included there are considerable abrasive forces that are potentially harmful if not prevented. The motorcycle gloves are equippe with hardcore knuckles that block away all fractional forces and hence act as abrasive resistant materials. All the sparks that might generate due to friction are also prevented from harming the hands. The direct contact of even a minor fractional force to bare skin can cause scratches and burns. Thus, gloves with hard knuckles are critically important to avoid wear and tear resulting from racing.

Timeless Look

Last but not the least, the hard knuckles inside the motorcycle gloves also add to the tough look of the entire racing suit. It provides a timeless look and gives a style statement to motorcycle racers. This feature distinguishes these gloves from ordinary bike gloves and hence plays a part in giving a sporty look to the racer. Gloves with hard knuckles are sure to make the racer seem like an unbeatable character straight out of an animation. Isn’t that cool?


Mentioned above are some of the top reasons for hard knuckles inside motorcycle gloves. Many aspects make these gloves a must-have for professional motorcycle racers. Many brands have now come up with innovative designs of hard-knuckle racing gloves that make them top-selling safety gear. Numerous synthetic and abrasion-reductant materials are use to manufacture the hard knuckles of motorcycle gloves. Some might argue that motorcycle gloves with hard knuckles reduce flexibility and can hinder movements. But it all narrow downs to the tons of protective benefits these gloves provide.

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